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January 2018

ICSD and Material Research

December 2017

ICSD web version 3.7.0 released

December 2017

ICSD now contains 193,878 crystal structures

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ICSD DVD Order (Yearly License)

Academic user institute/department
(Multiple license 2-4 installations)

1,050.00 €
excl. 19 % VAT excl.shipping

1,249.50 €
incl. 19 % VAT excl.shipping


Academic user institute licenses are granted to an institute/department at a degree-awarding institution. This license allows for up to four individuals to install the database on their computers and their personal laptops. The license is valid for one year, starting earliest with the date of the order.
Twice a year new releases (software and database updates) are sent to replace the previous release.
FindIt is a Windows-based version typically used for local installations inside smaller research groups. It offers a huge set of features which make the search, retrieval and visualization of the desired information easy and comfortable:

  • comprehensive search masks
  • extensive classification in structure types, which are searchable based on descriptors defining each structure type
  • structure standardization for easier comparison with other structures
  • extended crystal structure visualization and analysis tools
  • powder pattern simulation with the possibility of enhanced manipulation

FindIt has been tested to run under Windows™ XP SP3, Windows™ Vista and Windows™ 7. 


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