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German Copyright Day 2019

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

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December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

December 2017

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Subscriptions and single article purchases typically do not include the rights to further share, store and re-use the content. Storing and sharing copyrighted works - so common in day-to-day business - can easily infringe on the copyrights of others.


A cost effective and simple solution: One license with global usage rights for millions of content sources.

The 'VG WORT Digital Copyright License' has been developed by German collecting society VG WORT and RightsDirect specifically for the needs of German headquartered companies and their worldwide subsidiaries.

For all companies not headquartered in Germany both CCC and RightsDirect offer a similar license, the 'Multinational Copyright License'.


  • Share digital content with internal colleagues both domestically and across borders on a worldwide basis, e. g. via e-mail, intranet posting or PDF
  • Save copies of articles to a company hard drive or network drive
  • Store articles in searchable product- or literature databases
  • Select and copy portions of digital articles and share with colleagues worldwide
  • Attach copies of articles to internal communications such as newsletters, training materials and presentations
  • Share digital content internally via collaboration portals such as Lotus Notes or MS SharePoint
  • Use published content in a slide presentation or CD-ROM delivered to an internal audience
  • Submit digital copies of articles to government agencies for regulatory filings
  • NEW: Share copies in joint project teams with team members from your organization's collaboration partners (amendment to the license)


  • Provides rights from millions of titles in just one single license
  • Eliminates high administrative effort and related costs for pursuing permissions individually
  • Simplifies copyright compliant re-use of content globally
  • Gives certainty in planning and calculation of budgets
  • Demonstrates respect for the intellectual property of others
  • Reduces risk of copyright infringement
  • Supports your company's internal and publicly-announced compliance policies

For further information please contact:

Joerg Weizendoerfer
Phone +49-89-745 45 133
Mail: jweizendoerfer(at)rightsdirect(dot)com