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FIZ AutoDoc News

May 2017

BSB offers document deliveries in PDF to German customers

March 2017

Einladung zur Veranstaltung ‚Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter‘ – FIZ Karlsruhe und RightsDirect (10. Mai 2017)

January 2017

Translations of Asian patent documents

December 2016

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2017

August 2016

New Service: DRM-free delivery from CCC for license holders

August 2016

New Service: Patent Translations as a new FIZ AutoDoc Service – starting September 1, 2016

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Document Delivery

Delivery Options:

FIZ AutoDoc offers various delivery modes. You can choose between different processing speeds and ways of delivery.

  • processing speed:
  • standard order = within 48 hours
  • rush order = within 24 hours
  • super rush order = within 3 hours
  • ways of delivery:
  • electronically:
  • PDF (via e-mail)
  • PDF / DRM (via e-mail)
  • PDF / DRM FileOpen (secure desktop delivery) (via e-mail)
  • download from publisher / PDF
  • fax
  • by mail / courier*:
  • printed copy

*for customers in the US and CANADA

Please note: The price for a delivery depends on the delivery mode (see price list). If no supplier can deliver the document in the requested mode, alternative delivery modes are automatically offered by the FIZ AutoDoc system.