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FIZ AutoDoc News

February 2020

VAT reduction

December 2019

AutoDoc Prices 2020

May 2019

German Copyright Day 2019

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

New delivery option: BLDSC - Delivery in plain PDF

December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

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Document Ordering

Ordering Options

FIZ AutoDoc allows you to order documents via

"Classic Order" forms

Enter your document information / DOI (Digital Object Identifier) / patent data into menu guided web order forms for:

  • Articles ("Classic Order" form or "Easy Article Order" form)
  • Patents
  • Other Literature*

Order form "from STN search result"

Copy a reference retrieved from a STN database into the free text format window. The data will be analyzed and automatically entered into the web order form for further processing.

Order form "from other search results"

Copy the bibliographical data of a PubMed record or a reference in RIS data format into the free text format window. The data will be analyzed and automatically entered into the web order form for further processing.

"Free Text Order" form

Enter your document information / patent data into the free text format window.

Order form "Rent Article"

Enter your document information to rent journal articles for a 30-day period (view-only access)

Order form "Lend a Book"

Enter the bibliographical data to lend books for a 4-week period

Order form "for ePrints"

Enter bibliographic information of the requested article and fill in the necessary ePrint information.

Formatted e-mail

E-mail one or multiple orders to FIZ AutoDoc using the standardized e-mail interface.


Fax your document information and delivery options to (+49 7247) 808-259. *


E-mail your document information and delivery options to helpdesk(at) *


Call (+49 7247) 808-555

Customizable interfaces

Conveniently transfer your document information and / or user data to FIZ AutoDoc via interfaces

  • FIZ AutoDoc import interface / OpenURL 1.0
  • FIZ AutoDoc WebService / XML-interface

We need the following information, so that FIZ AutoDoc can process your order automatically

For journal articles use either the "Classic Order" form (Document type: "Article") or the "Easy Article Order" form

  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
  • Journal title (even abbreviated)
  • ISSN / CODEN (optional)
  • Year / volume / issue / page(s)
  • Author(s) or article title, if possible

For patent documents use our "Classic Order" form

  • Patent country, patent number, patent kind code

For other publications use our "Classic Order" form (Document type: "Others")*

  • Please enter as much information as possible.

Also, please specify your desired delivery mode (format and speed) and optionally enter comments, information for cost allocation (reference numbers, cost centres) etc.

* Manual order processing by the FIZ AutoDoc Team is always used for non-conventional literature or for any free-text orders placed via Free Text order form, e-mail or fax. Further, requests for ePrints, Copyright permissions and book lendings are also handled manually. Please note that the delivery for orders placed for manual order processing may take longer, as different suppliers may be involved. There is an extra charge for manual order processing (see price list).