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FIZ AutoDoc News

March 2017

Einladung zur Veranstaltung ‚Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter‘ – FIZ Karlsruhe und RightsDirect (10. Mai 2017)

January 2017

Translations of Asian patent documents

December 2016

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2017

August 2016

New Service: DRM-free delivery from CCC for license holders

August 2016

New Service: Patent Translations as a new FIZ AutoDoc Service – starting September 1, 2016

June 2016

New Feature: Links to Open Access Sources

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PREMIUM Features

Customizing Solutions for Corporate Customers

FIZ AutoDoc PREMIUM is the smart solutions for integrating FIZ AutoDoc into your corporate intranet or web portal. It offers you all FIZ AutoDoc STANDARD functions plus various customizable options. Thus you may choose the most suitable way of integrating FIZ AutoDoc into your corporate environment.


your end users all functions of FIZ AutoDoc STANDARD

set up

your specific FIZ AutoDoc portal with

  • your own starting page, incl. user registration feature
  • your company logo, help pages, corporate news and prices etc.
  • internal contacts and e-mail addresses
  • customized delivery options on the order forms
  • customized "Order Details" screen before ordering
  • customized navigation menu, order confirmation texts etc.


usage, control order status and allocate internal costs by means of

  • account order history and lookup
  • cost centre administration feature
  • order statistics (.xls) with more than 60 parameters
  • billing statistics (.xls) as monthly electronic cost report


FIZ AutoDoc into your corporate solution and transfer order and / or user data via


your virtual library and avoid unnecessary, costly external orders by

  • matching all orders against your in-house holdings (ISSN list upload)
  • matching all orders against your eJournal subscriptions (ISSN list upload)
  • Duplicate check option on "Account Level"


usage of your eJournal subscriptions to assess the return on investment with the help of

  • statistics for access of eJournals

FIZ AutoDoc PREMIUM is easy to implement and to maintain inhouse. The web-based "Account Settings" menu allows the corporate administrator to adapt FIZ AutoDoc to the company's / organization's needs and to optimize the interaction with the corporate environment. For setting up interfaces to FIZ AutoDoc, assistance by our experienced FIZ Karlsruhe staff is provided.

Are you interested in customizing FIZ AutoDoc to your corporate needs?
Please contact us for more technical and price information.