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FIZ AutoDoc with new document supplier and enhanced order options

17. March 2008

ACS now pay-per-view supplier / INIST delivers PDF documents / Order with DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Karlsruhe, March 2008 – In February 2008 the American Chemical Society (ACS) became a new FIZ AutoDoc document supplier for the pay-per-view option. It is now possible to order and download pay-per-view articles from ACS journals (1996 - today) via FIZ AutoDoc. FIZ AutoDoc is the only full-text delivery service through which the ACS offers this option.


“The ACS is the leading publisher of peer-reviewed journals in chemistry and related sciences,” says Wendelin Detemple, Head FIZ Products and Services. “ACS journals are of great importance for our customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We are pleased that articles from these journals are now available for the first time via FIZ AutoDoc with the pay-per-view option.“ Other scientific publishers that offer journal articles via the FIZ AutoDoc pay-per-view option are Karger, Springer, and Thieme.


Another FIZ AutoDoc partner, the French Institut d’Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST), has enhanced its delivery options. INIST now delivers documents also electronically in PDF version from publishers with whom INIST has agreements. These PDF documents are protected by the DRM (Digital Rights Management) software "FileOpen" provided by FileOpen Systems.


FIZ AutoDoc now also provides a new and convenient way of ordering documents with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Using a DOI it is possible to have all relevant order data added automatically. “Ordering with a DOI is saving time and preventing wrong input,” says Wendelin Detemple. “We therefore recommend using a DOI for ordering documents whenever possible.” The ACS "ASAP" documents which still lack the complete bibliographic data, but for which a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is already available, can also be ordered using the new "DOI Order Form".


For more information on recent FIZ AutoDoc enhancements visit the News section on the FIZ AutoDoc website at


About FIZ AutoDoc

For more than 10 years FIZ Karlsruhe has been operating the document broker service FIZ AutoDoc. Journal articles, reports, patents, and other publications are made available in cooperation with international scientific libraries and publishers. The documents are delivered electronically, by telefax or by postal service as requested by the customer.



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