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December 2019

AutoDoc Prices 2020

May 2019

German Copyright Day 2019

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

New delivery option: BLDSC - Delivery in plain PDF

December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

December 2017

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2018

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Document supplier search

Once the system has verified that all necessary ordering data have been entered, and the journal has been clearly identified, a suitable supplier is automatically searched for in the FIZ AutoDoc database.

The first step* is to check, whether the requested journal article is electronically available on the server of one of the partnering publishing houses for immediate download (pay-per-view). In this case, you may purchase the original document directly from the publisher using the "Purchase Now" button. The cost for the document will still be added to your monthly invoice.

Then the system checks, which other document suppliers can deliver the journal for the requested publication year(s). It also checks which suppliers can make deliveries to the country where the customer resides. If only one of the partnering publishers can supply the requested document, your order is automatically forwarded to this supplier. If the document can be obtained from several suppliers, the one which is most suitable for you is chosen, and the order is automatically forwarded to him. With this, the ordering process is completed, a FIZ AutoDoc Order Number is generated, and the order is listed in your order history as "forwarded". Upon delivery, the status is set to "shipped" and an invoice is issued.

If no supplier can deliver the document in the requested delivery mode (format and speed), a table of alternative delivery modes is displayed. If no alternative delivery mode can be found, manual order processing is suggested.

If no partnering publisher can deliver the requested document, you are notified. In this case, you can also place an order for manual processing.

In this example, the requested delivery format and speed are not available. There are, however, alternatives.
(Screenshot: User setting "View all formats" is switched off)

* FIZ AutoDoc PREMIUM allows corperate Administrators to upload ISSN certification lists of your eJournal subscriptions and/or of your Inhouse Holdings. Each order is at first matched against this list / these lists. If there is a match, access to the document (or journal) is offered, e.g. via "eJournal Link" in case of an eJournal subscription. Only if the document can neither be accessed directly via "eJournals links" nor via your corporate "Inhouse Library", the order is further processed via FIZ AutoDoc.