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FIZ AutoDoc News

March 2017

Einladung zur Veranstaltung ‚Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter‘ – FIZ Karlsruhe und RightsDirect (10. Mai 2017)

January 2017

Translations of Asian patent documents

December 2016

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2017

August 2016

New Service: DRM-free delivery from CCC for license holders

August 2016

New Service: Patent Translations as a new FIZ AutoDoc Service – starting September 1, 2016

June 2016

New Feature: Links to Open Access Sources

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FIZ AutoDoc – full-texts all from one source!

You want to easily and conveniently order copies of journal articles, patent documents, research papers and conference proceedings via the internet but do not know the appropriate supplier? – All you have to keep in mind is: FIZ AutoDoc!

FIZ AutoDoc – FIZ Karlsruhe's broker service for document delivery
cooperates with renowned national and international scientific libraries, aggregators and publishers to ensure that you will receive the document you are looking for.

  1. Just enter your order into the interactive FIZ AutoDoc ordering mask.
  2. The FIZ AutoDoc system automatically searches for a suitable document supplier and forwards the order to this supplier.
  3. The document supplier delivers the document in the chosen format (e-mail, fax, mail) and speed directly to you.
  4. For your convenience, you will receive a monthly collective bill from FIZ Karlsruhe, covering all documents delivered to you during this accounting period.

FIZ AutoDoc has been designed with high priority to user-friendliness, providing context-sensitive aids and assistance whenever needed. For instance, an integrated module assists the user in identifying the correct journal title and ISSN number. A duplicate check is also included. In case of problematic orders (e.g. incomplete bibliographic data or non-conventional literature), there is an option for manual order processing by the FIZ AutoDoc Team.