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FIZ AutoDoc News

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

New delivery option: BLDSC - Delivery in plain PDF

December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

December 2017

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2018

May 2017

BSB offers document deliveries in PDF to German customers

March 2017

Einladung zur Veranstaltung ‚Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter‘ – FIZ Karlsruhe und RightsDirect (10. Mai 2017)

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FIZ AutoDoc as a document delivery service for users of XPAT® patent information system

14. June 2016

FIZ AutoDoc has been integrated as a document delivery service into XPAT® patent data information system by G.E.I. KRAMER & HOFMANN mbH, Germany. As a consequence, users of XPAT® can now directly link to FIZ AutoDoc from their document view and easily procure the full text of a document via FIZ AutoDoc.

To benefit from this new XPAT® full text linking option based on OpenURL technology:

1. users of XPAT® need a FIZ AutoDoc LoginID (or an STN LoginID)


2. the XPAT® configuration file (available for XPAT® users with appropriate administrative rights) has to be customized adequately:

2.1 by specifying that FIZ AutoDoc should be linked to

2.2 by defining XPAT® as referrer ID

2.3.1 for direct transfer: by entering the FIZ AutoDoc LoginID (or STN LoginID) and password
2.3.2 for transfer to the FIZ AutoDoc login screen (recommended for corporate companies who need this customization for several LoginIDs): by leaving these data fields blank.

As soon as these XPAT® settings have been customized, a new menu item “Ordering the full text via AUTODOC" is available in the document view.

By clicking this menu item you are either automatically logged into FIZ AutoDoc (see 2.3.1) or linked to the FIZ AutoDoc login screen (see 2.3.2). By entering the FIZ AutoDoc or STN LoginID the bibliographic data of the XPAT® reference are automatically transferred to FIZ AutoDoc and populate the corresponding entry boxes on the order form. After checking the order data, you can comfortably place your document order in FIZ AutoDoc.

After appropriate customizing, a new menu item “Ordering the full text via AUTODOC" is available in the XPAT® document view.

Please note: In XPAT® you also can add the received document to the corresponding database record and activate it with a mouse click for reading. Some administration options are available to indicate the order transaction.

More information about XPAT®.

In case you have general questions about XPAT® or its configuration file, please contact info(at)interhost(dot)de.


All copyright rules, the FIZ AutoDoc Terms & Conditions, and the Supplier’s Terms & Conditions of Use have to be strictly adhered to for all your document orders via FIZ AutoDoc.
To lawfully re-use, copy, store, share etc. a copyrighted document received via FIZ AutoDoc, additional usage rights, permissions or corporate copyright licenses may be required.
FIZ Karlsruhe does not assume any liability for infringement of any copyright laws/regulations.

You might consider getting an annual copyright license with global usage rights from VG Wort or CCC / RightsDirect. More information about copyright licenses.