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BLDSC offers delivery format "PDF / DRM FileOpen"

01. December 2009

As of Dec. 2, 2009 our document supplier BLDSC offers the delivery option “PDF/DRM FileOpen” to FIZ AutoDoc customers.

At the same time, the FIZ AutoDoc delivery format "PDF/DRM SED“ will be no longer available.

  • The PDF documents are protected by the DRM software "FileOpen" provided by FileOpen Systems, the leading PDF security provider.
  • FileOpen offers a very similar experience to BLDSC's current SED service, but is compatible with every version of Adobe Reader, from version 4 onwards.
  • For using this DRM delivery option, you need an Adobe Reader Plug-in.
  • If the delivery option "PDF/DRM FileOpen" is chosen, the following FIZ AutoDoc suppliers will be considered: BLDSC, CISTI, INIST and TIB. Thus, only one single Adobe Reader Plug-in will be necessary to open and process DRM encrypted documents provided via any of FIZ AutoDoc suppliers.

Please note:

If you would like to receive “PDF/DRM FileOpen” encrypted documents:

  • More information is provided at the BLDSC website.

In case you have set “PDF/DRM SED” as your preferred delivery format:

  • Your settings will be automatically updated to “PDF/DRM” at the time of the release.  To open or process “PDF/DRM” encrypted documents it is not necessary to have installed any Plug-in. However, it is possible to set the default delivery format to “PDF/DRM FileOpen” manually at any time:

As FIZ AutoDoc administrator:
Menu “Account Settings -> Order Details -> Delivery Options”

As FIZ AutoDoc end user:
Menu “User Settings -> Order Details”