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New Feature: Additional Rights by Licensing Organization

19. November 2014

License holders of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)/RightsDirect licenses can now benefit from FIZ AutoDoc’s new license advisory feature. It facilitates the rights advisory lookup process and presents information about a corporate copyright license and how the requested copyrighted content may be used. This information is displayed as “Additional Rights by Licensing Organization” on the “Order Details” screen before the document order is placed.

Currently, the following licenses are supported by FIZ AutoDoc:

  • CCC/RightsDirect licenses:
    • VG WORT Digital Copyright License
    • CCC Annual Copyright License
    • CCC Multinational Copyright License
    • RightsDirect Multinational Copyright License

Technically, FIZ AutoDoc queries the CCC’s DirectPath™ API using the ISSN for each document order and displays the appropriate permission type information on-the-fly:

  • Rights for “Digital Sharing”
  • “Digital Responsive Rights”
  • Rights for “Photocopy Sharing”

This lookup process is valid for any document orders, which are automatically processed by FIZ AutoDoc, either via classic document delivery or via immediate download (pay-per-view). Currently, it does not apply to any manual orders, eJournal orders* or inhouse orders*.

* for FIZ AutoDoc PREMIUM customers

Please note:

  • This feature is disabled by default. “n/a” and a short general information about copyright licenses and how to get and annual license is displayed instead.
  • For license holders: How to request activation of this feature:
    • Holders of supported licenses who are interested in using this new feature should contact FIZ Karlsruhe at autodoc(at)fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de.
    • They will be provided a special CCC application form, which should be signed and returned to FIZ Karlsruhe.
    • FIZ Karlsruhe directs the request for verification of the company’s eligibility and license type to the CCC and, if successful, will finally activate the license lookup feature.
  • By querying the CCC’s DirectPath™ API, FIZ Karlsruhe refers to information provided by the infrastructure of the CCC. Any questions and problems in relation to the quality and the timeliness of this data have to be discussed with the CCC and/or your local CCC distribution partner.

Information about the corporate copyright license and how the requested copyrighted content may be used is displayed to license holders of CCC/RightsDirect licenses before the document order is placed.