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May 2019

German Copyright Day 2019

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

New delivery option: BLDSC - Delivery in plain PDF

December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

December 2017

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2018

May 2017

BSB offers document deliveries in PDF to German customers

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Infotrieve as new document supplier (offering document delivery in PDF and PDF/DRM format)

21. July 2010

  • Infotrieve, a global full-service information management company, is available as a new document supplier in FIZ AutoDoc. It offers automatic processing of journal article orders with the following delivery options:


Delivery Format

(within 48 hours)


(within 24 hours) 


Super Rush
(within 4 hours)


  • Infotrieve has direct access to a vast collection of print and digital documents through agreements with more than 130 leading STM Publishers, Infotrieve’s own STM Library TM of managed print collections, and content sourcing/retrieval experts based in key strategic locations throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.
  • Via FIZ AutoDoc, Infotrieve offers access to over 42,000 journal titles. More than 50% of these journals are available in Plain PDF format, all the rest of the journals are deliverable in PDF / DRM format (no DRM plugin required). We expect more than 70% of your document orders to be delivered electronically within five minutes or less, even with “Standard” delivery speed. This ensures an excellent fulfillment rate and service level for your document orders.
  • With the cooperation between FIZ Karlsruhe and Infotrieve, the majority of the world´s largest and most important document delivery services, libraries and publishers are now integrated on one neutral platform – FIZ AutoDoc.

Please Note:

  • For using Infotrieve's e-mail delivery, Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher is required.
  • The e-mail delivery adress
  • There is No plug-in or executable needed to open and process the encrypted PDF documents!
  • If you are unable to open or print the DRM document, you may contact the FIZ AutoDoc Helpdesk and you will be assisted.

Example of the order details page for an order delivered via Infotrieve

Example of the order details page for an order delivered via Infotrieve
(Delivery format: PDF).