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VAT reduction

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German Copyright Day 2019

December 2017

New copyright act effective as of March 1, 2018 (relevant for German customers only)

December 2017

New delivery option: BLDSC - Delivery in plain PDF

December 2017

New feature: Password Reset Service (before Login)

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FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2016

24. November 2015

We have the pleasure to inform you that until further notice the prices for document delivery via the classic FIZ AutoDoc suppliers will remain unchanged in 2016. We hope this information will facilitate your budget planning.

Change of Supplier Brands: Infotrieve / CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

02. November 2015

Due to the acquisition of Infotrieve by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) in November 2014, the following change of brands will take place on November 2nd :

Wiley as a new partner for the pay-per-view option

28. July 2015

Wiley will be available as a new document supplier for FIZ AutoDoc´s pay-per-view option. Thus, articles from nearly 1,600 Wiley journals, hosted on Wiley Online Library, can be ordered and downloaded immediately via FIZ AutoDoc.Wiley is the international scientific, technical, medical, and...

Optimized “Classic Order” form for document type “Others”: addition of DOI input field

28. July 2015

A DOI input field will be added to the “Classic Order” form for other literature (conference proceedings, books, reports, articles from books, etc.). To order documents for other types of literature, select “Order Document” > “Classic Order” and then “Others” from the drop-down menu for...

FIZ AutoDoc with innovative features for rights management

09. April 2015

Co-operation between FIZ Karlsruhe and RightsDirect offers customers new rights management features when ordering journal articles via FIZ AutoDoc.

Optimized order form for article orders: addition of DOI input field. New name “Classic Order“

25. March 2015

A DOI input field will be added to the standard order form for journal article orders. This optimized order form will be renamed “Classic Order”. It will be available as the default order form after login or by clicking “Order Document” > “Classic Order”.

New order form for quick and easy-going ordering: “Easy Article Order“

25. March 2015

The DOI order form will be modified and enhanced:

Consolidation of order forms “as Free Text (single)“ and “as Free Text (multiple)“ within one single order mask

25. March 2015

One unified order mask (“Free Text Order”) each will be available for your free text orders of documents or of patents.

Feature “Additional Rights by Licensing Organization“ for eJournal orders

25. March 2015

FIZ AutoDoc’s license advisory feature for holders of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) / RightsDirect licenses, introduced in Nov 2014, now also applies to eJournal orders*.

“Additional Rights” display improved and extended

19. November 2014

Currently, the “Additional Rights” field on the FIZ AutoDoc “Order Details” page either displays the name of the corporate copyright license (if applicable and incorporated in your FIZ AutoDoc customer account settings) or is set to “n/a” (default). There is no further functionality behind.

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