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May 2017

ICSD web version 3.6.0 released

May 2017

ICSD now contains 188,631 crystal structures

November 2016

ICSD now contains 184,748 crystal structures

Featured article

Analysis of spinel compounds in ICSD

ICSD enables scientists to search for text in titles in combination with chemical compound information, e.g., compound classes which cannot be described through specific compound information such as the molecular formula. An interesting example for such a compound class is provided by the spinel compounds.

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FindIt is a Windows-based PC version typically used for local installations inside smaller research groups.

FindIt has been tested to run under Windows™ 95, 98, Me, XP (Pro) SP2, Vista Pro, SuSE Linux 10.3 and 11.1 (using WiNE). FindIt offers a huge set of features which make the search, retrieval and visualization of the desired information easy and comfortable:

Comprehensive search masks, extended crystal structure visualization and analysis tools, powder pattern simulation with the possibility of enhanced manipulation.

At present, the ICSD contains more than 188,000 entries, including

  • 2,245 crystal structures of the elements
  • 35,536 records for binary compounds
  • 69,212 records for ternary compounds
  • 68,174 records for quarternary and quintenary compounds
  • About 150,000 entries (80%) have been assigned a structure type.
    There are currently 9,093 structure prototypes.



Tips and Tricks for FindIt can be found in the following documents:

How to find structure types in FindIt

How to find the new recorded data in FindIt

With release 2011.2 two new features are included in FindIt:
a detailed structure type search and an implementation of Structure Tidy for interactive standardization of ICSD entries. Guides to these new features can be found in the following file:

As of release 2011.2 FindIt (1.8.1) contains an implementation of Structure Tidy to interactively standardize crystal structures. The implementation delivered with the 2011.2 release DVD is not working on some Win7 64-bit systems. Please download the following patch file, execute it and follow the instructions: FindIt_2011_2_Std_patch.exe