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May 2017

ICSD web version 3.6.0 released

May 2017

ICSD now contains 188,631 crystal structures

November 2016

ICSD now contains 184,748 crystal structures

Featured article

Analysis of spinel compounds in ICSD

ICSD enables scientists to search for text in titles in combination with chemical compound information, e.g., compound classes which cannot be described through specific compound information such as the molecular formula. An interesting example for such a compound class is provided by the spinel compounds.

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ICSD Web Help

In order to get help to specific topics, please select one of the following points:

Information about each input field will be displayed as a description together with some examples for the Basic Search and Advanced Search options. The help for Query Management explains the features used to handle previously performed queries and also offers a mask for more complex searches, i.e. combining queries using logical operators. The output management deals with viewing as well as exporting the results. And, finally, the quality filtering provides a – currently very basic – post-query filtering system to refine the results by either showing only high quality data, low quality data or all data.