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January 2018

ICSD and Material Research

December 2017

ICSD web version 3.7.0 released

December 2017

ICSD now contains 193,878 crystal structures

Featured article

Analysis of spinel compounds in ICSD

ICSD enables scientists to search for text in titles in combination with chemical compound information, e.g., compound classes which cannot be described through specific compound information such as the molecular formula. An interesting example for such a compound class is provided by the spinel compounds.

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ICSD web version 3.4.0 released

13. May 2016

The ICSD web version 3.4.0 is now online.

Many components of ICSD were revised to improve the search functionality and the display of results. As a consequence the maximum number of hits for the display could be increased by a factor of 10 - it is now 10,000. This significantly improves the search functionality and is particularly useful for combined searches.