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June 2015

Neues Zeolith kann mehr Wärme speichern

June 2015

Stabiles Netz trotz flexibler Einspeisung

May 2015

Windenergie-Anlagen rütteln und schütteln

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Mathematics is one of the oldest and most important sciences. Whenever and wherever humans apply their mind to analyzing and modeling, they are doing mathematics. The importance of mathematics is reflected in a multitude of publications. To cope with them, the first abstract journal in mathematics, “Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik” (JFM) was founded in 1868, followed by “Zentralblatt für Mathematik“ (zbMATH) in 1932.

Today, both of these abstracting services are made available worldwide via the zbMATH database. zbMATH is an important tool for mathematicians, giving them access to the findings of research in theoretical and applied mathematics of the past 150 years. This knowledge will never be obsolete. FIZ Karlsruhe also offers a wide range of web-based services in mathematics:

  • Zentralblatt MATH, the world’s most comprehensive reference database in mathematical research
  • MathEduc, an international reference database in mathematics and computer science
  • the internet portal EMIS European Mathematical Information System (EMIS) in mathematics
  • ELibM in EMIS, an open access virtual library in mathematics

Zentralblatt MATH is the world’s biggest and most comprehensive reference database in mathematical research, dating back to 1868. Convenient search facilities as well as links to the electronic versions of the articles and to document delivery systems make this database a unique information service in mathematical research and a navigation tool in mathematical literature.

MathEduc (formerly MATHDI) is the only international reference database offering a world-wide overview of current and recent literature on mathematics and computer science education.

The Mathematics Portal EMIS offers a central access point to all of FIZ Karlsruhe’s mathematics databases. Also available are a web search engine for mathematics and special pages dealing with selected topics from applied mathematics and the history and didactics of mathematics, and ELibM, the world’s biggest open access digital library in mathematics.

The Electronic Library of Mathematics (ELibM) is an open access virtual library in mathematics. The aim is to provide centralized access to all freely available electronic journals or electronic versions of printed journals in mathematics.