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ICSD now contains 93,720 entries

01. November 2006

The ICSD database now contains 93,720 entries. During the update procedure, we have added 5032 new entries, corrected 1751 entries and removed 174 entries.

The ICSD now contains the data of 953 crystal structures of the elements, 15535 crystal structures of binary phases, 33853 crystal structures of ternary phases and 25378 crystal structures of quarternary phases. Interestingly, the maximum number of chemical elements inside a single crystal structure is twenty. For binary phases the ICSD contains the crystal structure data from approximately 5700 intermetallic compounds, 4200 chalcogenides, 1733 pnicticides and 1625 halogenides.

Professor Allmann has almost finished his work on the assignment of structure types to the data of the ICSD. The ICSD now contains a comprehensive and searchable list of isoconfigurational structures of all crystal structures build up from fully occupied atomic sites.
The majority of the crystal structures inside the ICSD can now be classified according to those approximately 2000 isoconfigurational structure types. We are indebted to this extraordinary piece of work.