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ICSD web version 1.3.0 released

20. Oktober 2010

The ICSD web version 1.3.0 is now online.

The important new features are

  • revised print functionality which generates a properly formatted PDF file for printing or viewing. This new feature is available for the List View, Detailed View including the Display in Window feature, Synoptic View, Bond Histograms as well as Distance & angles calculations.
  • new feature for report generation. In List View mode the additional button Report is displayed next to the print button. This button generates a comprehensive report comprising of the List View, the Synoptic View (crystal structures as well as calculated powder patterns) and the Detailed View for up to 15 structures.
  • redesign of the bond histogram calculation and visualization which sums up distance values into larger intervals.
  • redesign of the powder pattern display.
  • removed option Movie Display in the Synoptic View.
  • minor bug fixes and internal enhancements.

This release includes the updated database with currently 135,468 entries.