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Patent Translation Service

  • FIZ AutoDoc offers the possibility to order a translation of a patent document you already have on hand (irrespective of whether the document is procured via FIZ AutoDoc or not).

  • This high-quality, human translation service is provided by Scipat (The Netherlands).

  • SCIPAT, founded in 2006 by a small group of Intellectual Property (IP) experts, is specialized in scientific, patent and trademark information. As a fully translation-dedicated company with regional offices in Belarus, China, Egypt, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, it offers high-quality, 100% human translations by certified selected and trained native speakers within a short turnaround time and at a fixed unit price.

  • SCIPAT´s translation service covers all research, scientific, technical and industrial disciplines. All translators have a university degree relevant to the subject matter they translate.

  • Possible source languages are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese (other languages on request).

  • The patents will be translated into English as standard target language.

  • You can also order translations of excerpts from patents (instead of the entire patent document).

  • The standard turnaround time by our partner Scipat is 3 days.

  • To request a patent translation, please use this form
    • Enter the patent number, the IPC domain, page information (page range and total number of pages to be translated), deadline and source language, fill in your personal data and click “Submit”.
    • An order details page allows you to review and edit your order data.
    • After final submission you will receive an e-mail notification from FIZ AutoDoc.
    • Please attach the patent document in PDF format to this email and send it back to our FIZ AutoDoc Service Team (autodoc@fiz-karlsruhe.de).
    • The Service Team will process your request and will contact you by e-mail after the translation has been completed.
    • As soon the order is processed, it will appear in your FIZ AutoDoc order history.

  • Pricing information:
    The prices for patent document translations are fixed fees per translated page. This allows you to keep your patent translations transparent and cost-efficient. Manual service fees will not be charged.


Price per Page:

Arabic, Japanese

65 €

Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese


Other languages

on demand

  • The costs for your patent translations will be included in your monthly invoice.

  • Please note: We plan to integrate this translation service into the FIZ AutoDoc online system with a later release.

Flyer: FIZ AutoDoc Patent Translation Service