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Upload ISSN Journal Lists

You can upload ISSN "certification" lists for a first check of orders in your library´s journals or in journals to which your organization subscribes electronically.

The lists may contain ISSNs, E-ISSNs, CODENs (optional), a starting year or a range of years (which corresponds to starting year and last year), and remarks in the following sequence:







ISSNs and/or E-ISSNs and CODENs identify journals. It is recommended to include both codes because some STN databases identify journals by their ISSN, while others use CODEN.

Administrators can use this capability in three different ways:

  • Upload the list of ISSNs corresponding to print journals held in the library
  • Upload the ISSN list of the journals for which electronic subscriptions are available
  • Upload the ISSN which contains all electronic and print journals

Your Library Holdings List
Please note: This feature is active only for customers who have enabled the "Inhouse Library Linking" option.

Whenever the ISSN of the current record matches one of the ISSNs on the uploaded list, the ChemPort "Your organization´s document resources" tab will include a blue check mark. You can use this feature e.g.:

  • to identify print holdings
  • to identify the electronic full-text that can be linked to via the library system
  • to identify any document the library can provide by any other means

Your Subscriptions via ChemPort
Please note: This feature is active only for customers who have enabled the "HTML/PDF from the publisher", "EBSCO" or "Epnet" option.

If ChemPort is able to link to the full-text of the article at the publisher´s site, it checks for the Electronic Journal Subscription list that you have uploaded as SAT Site Administrator. Whenever the ISSN (or CODEN) of the current record matches one of the ISSNs (or CODEN) on the uploaded list, a blue check mark is added to the PDF or HTML link on the "Web based document resources" tab, indicating that access to the e-article is has been verified.

Formats for ISSN Jounal Lists Uploads
Use any text editor, e.g. Wordpad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, to create a file containing ISSN (and, optionally year or year range information).
If Microsoft Word is used, save the file in text-only format.
If Microsoft Excel is used, suppress the column titles and save the file with data type CSV (with the semicolon (;) as a separator).
Whatever software is used, the file to be uploaded must be exported in a format that matches the following formating rules.

Formating rules

  • A pipe (|) OR a semicolon (;) may be used as a separator for the different parameters. However, the "Display" option always uses the semicolon (;).
  • The data for each journal occupy a single line.
  • The line can end with a pipe (|) OR a semicolon (;) or without any character or symbol.
  • The ISSN must be entered in the standard 9-character format: four digits, hyphen, four digits.
  • ISSN or E-ISSN must be numeric, except for the last character, which may be either a number or an "X".
  • If only CODEN is supplied, and a starting year or a range of years is used, CODEN is separated by a pipe (|) OR a semicolon (;), then the starting year or a range of years follows.
  • If only one year is given, it is interpreted as the starting year of availability.
  • If a range of years is given, the end year is interpreted as the last year of availability.
  • If only CODEN is supplied, and a starting year or range of years is entered, CODEN is separated by a pipe (I) OR a semicolon (;), then the starting year or the range of years is expressed.

Please note: In some cases only a part of these data is available, missing data can be ignored.

Examples of valid journal entries:




If there are Remarks for special journals, the following version has to be used:

1420-8008|1990|Rem: For Library use only
1420-8008;1990;Rem: For Library use only

If an administrator generates a journal list in which missing data should be indicated, he has to create the following format which includes all possible fields (6) separated by Pipes (|) or Semicolons (;):

but not
but not

Examples of valid journal entries with indicators of missing data: 


Upload Procedure
The upload procedure in "Your Library" (shown here) and "Your Subscriptions via ChemPort" leads you to a screen where you can select a file to "Upload".

Click the "Browse..." button on this screen to select a file on your system.

Once you have selected a file, its full path name should appear in the text box. Click the "Upload" button at the bottom of the screen to proceed. During the upload-process the file is validated, i.e. the system verifies the format of the ISSNs in the list and the format of the other entries. Lists with incorrect ISSNs or other incorrect data are indicated. Error messages specifying the problem are given. Invalid entries must be removed or corrected in order to process a complete upload. Otherwise only the validated data are uploaded, incorrect data are omitted. With the option "Append" you can add correct or additional data.

Examples for invalid entries:


You may use the "Display" function to view the presently active ISSN list.
To delete your current holdings file stored at FIZ Karlsruhe, use the "Delete" feature.

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