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Full Text Options

The Full-text options available via the CAS Full Text Options Page are shown in a table format. They are grouped in three separate sections:

  • "Your organization´s document resources": allows you to enable/disable the connection to your local library (system).
  • "Web-based document resources": lists all web-based options with no additional fees (subscriptions may be required)
  • "Fee-based document resources": allows you to enable/disable those options and services with additional fees: access to FIZ AutoDoc ("Order Document") and Single e-Article/e-Patent Sales ("Download Document")

Each Full-text option can be administered separately using the "Enable"/"Disable" toggle-button in the "Change Status" column on the right.
The current status is displayed in the left column (checkmark = direct access enabled, no checkmark = no access / option not visible).

Please note that your settings are valid for all login IDs of the administered account.

More detailed information about the available CAS Full Text Options are provided in the CAS Full Text Options Help.


The examples below show the different Full-text options available via the CAS Full Text Options Page for users within your organization once you have enabled or disabled the Thomson Reuters Option.

Example 1: Enabled Thomson Reuters Option, recommendable for "TOPS" subscribers. The "Web-based document resources" tab includes a blue checkmark for Thomson Reuters and subscribers can access the full-text of the patent with no additional fees.


Example 2: Disabled Thomson Reuters Option. The full-text of the patent can be viewed via esp@cenet or can be purchased via FIZ AutoDoc ("Order Document") or via Single e-Patent Sales ("Download Document").



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